Located in Milan, the “fashion capital of the world,” Quintessentially Italy combines members’ wishes and desires with the strong Italian assets of elegance, quality, taste, and craftsmanship. With contacts all over Italy and Ticino area, the concierge and lifestyle management teams allow clients to enjoy the very best life has to offer.

Quintessentially Milan was opened in 2007 to offer its private and corporate members the 25th hour in one of the most prestigious luxury markets in the world. Offering services 24/7 365 days a year since 2014, the team gives clients the chance to discover and enjoy the most exclusive places, experiences, and pleasures focusing on lifestyle and culture.

The team manages a considerable number of requests, varying in nature from travel to bookings to experiences. Our dedicated lifestyle management team assists members with their daily lives, supporting them with comprehensive concierge services—finding the perfect luxury gift for someone they love, securing a priority restaurant reservation, or sending a bunch of flowers anywhere in the world. Bestowing upon them the gift of time, the day-to-day becomes more manageable, and members can enjoy the most important aspects of life.

Working parallel to the operations team, the Sales and Marketing office works to develop and expand both the company and membership, widening the network of private and business clients. Simultaneously, they bring in new lifestyle partners, increasing the offering of exclusive benefits and special access across Italy to all Quintessentially members worldwide.

Lastly, the Events office organises and creates bespoke tailored experiences for several Italian brands. As the epicentre of Italian fashion, Milan plays host to numerous events in the fashion world which Quintessentially manages. Whether a private boat tour on Lake Como, a drive through Tuscan vineyards in a vintage car, or a private dinner inside Sistine Chapel: Q Events Italy is skilled at organising memorable experiences for any client.

The strength of Quintessentially Italy is definitely the team, composed of dynamic and highly qualified professionals in the luxury and lifestyle field. Moreover, the unique team synergy allows us to face any request with the highest standard, always delivering and making a difference.

Giulio Zambeletti - Chairman, Quintessentially Italy


“I’ve always thought that certain things could only be experienced in a movie or dream, but since I have become part of Quintessentially, I’ve realised that the impossible really has become possible."

Private Member

Italy - Milan

Via Durini 5,20122 – Milan, Italy

+39 029 769 3803