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How membership works

As the world’s leading luxury concierge company, we grant you unparalleled access to a vast global network of lifestyle managers and specialists dedicated to fulfilling your every desire. Our bespoke, seamless service makes anything – and everything – possible.

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Anything, anytime, anywhere.

Every Quintessentially member will receive a one-to-one personal contact, known as a lifestyle manager, who will familiarise themselves with their member’s tastes and aspirations. Increasingly rare in our digital world, this personal touch ensures every request is understood and executed effectively across all aspects of life.

Saving you time

Saving you time

Built around the singular proposition of bestowing back upon our members the invaluable gift of time, we have spent two decades benchmarking service in lifestyle management. Beyond the day-to-day, our network will advise on everything from real estate to education.

Giving you access

Giving you access

Offering access to the formerly inaccessible is one of our most superior qualities – from private parties at Versailles to exclusive boxes at the Kentucky Derby to exclusive invitations such as Lamborghini’s ultra-private club, closed doors suddenly open.

Personalising your experience

Personalising your experience

The familiarity and personalisation of the connection with a single lifestyle manager enable a bespoke experience unlike any other. Aside from fulfilling each request, this individual is proactive, making suggestions and offering reminders, so no opportunity is ever missed.

What our members say...

'What would I do without my lifestyle manager? They are practically family'

'Joining Quintessentially has been one of the best decisions we have ever made. It has proven to be everything we hoped for and so much more. I do not know how we ever managed our social lives and holidays before becoming part of the Quintessentially family. Please know that all the little extra things you do for us on our bookings don't go unnoticed'

'Everyone at Quintessentially has been unfailingly kind, patient and efficient in handling my various – often unusual – requests. I am grateful for their support and would unhesitatingly recommend Quintessentially Elite membership to everyone seeking to lead a more productive life'

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