Thanksgiving Recipe: Chestnut and Porcini Soup by Sette

Words by Keven Amfo

20 November 2020


Make this rich and delicious soup, courtesy of Sette, as the first course to a Thanksgiving celebration at home.

In lieu of the delicious four-course dinner Sette had planned at the restaurant for Thanksgiving, they have shared this delicious soup recipe with Quintessentially. Part of the Scarpetta restaurant group, from NYC, they have infused the classic Thanksgiving dish – mushroom soup – with an Italian flavour. Expect a rich and indulgent first course, effectively setting the tone for the rest of the meal to follow.

Chestnut & Porcini Soup


350g Porcini mushrooms

250g Leeks

500ml Water

50ml Olive oil

8g Salt

1 Bay leaf

50g Chestnuts, cooked

30g Guanciale

20g Butter

Sourdough croutons

Truffle oil


1. Bring water to boil then add bay leaf

2. Wash and cut leeks and porcini mushrooms julienne style, add to the water and cook for 10 minutes

3. Remove bay leaf, blend vegetables with immersion blender until smooth, then add olive oil

4. Separately, slice guanciale in small strips and cook with butter until brown and crispy

5. Chop chestnuts into small cubes

6. Pour soup into a bowl and garnish with guanciale, chestnuts, croutons and truffle oil to your liking

7. Enjoy!

For more Thanksgiving recipes, or to make a future booking at Sette, please contact your lifestyle manager.

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