Considered by many to be one of Scotland’s best-kept secrets, Mortlach is one of the boldest whiskies made in the famous Speyside region. Bridging the gap between smooth and smoky, this whisky has been adored by connoisseurs and whisky epicureans for nearly two centuries.

Mortlach 20 Year Old is bold and robust, but has been gently mellowed by two decades in oak. Developing notes of dried fruit, cedar, citrus, spice, ginger and dark chocolate, it is the perfect partner for this Old Fashioned recipe.

Old Fashioned

Serves 1

For the cocktail

50ml Mortlach 20 Year Old
2 dashes of orange bitters
1 ½ tsp sugar


Orange peel


Add the sugar, bitters and water to the bottom of a rocks glass and stir until the sugar is dissolved.
Add several large ice cubes to the glass along with the Mortlach 20 Year Old and stir for one minute until the drink is chilled and slightly diluted.
Zest an orange peel across the top of the glass, and then drop in as garnish.