Kombucha For Health

Words by Keven Amfo

25 June 2020

As wellness and self-care come increasingly to the forefront of our every day, we spoke to Freya Twigden, the founder of Fix8 Kombucha about the many health benefits this fermented tea drink has—and how it can improve our health now.

KA: Can you give us a brief history of kombucha?

FT: Kombucha originated in Asia thousands of years ago, and it’s been said that Chinese emperors would drink kombucha in hopes of receiving it’s ‘life-giving’ properties, while Japanese Samurai allegedly sipped it on the battlefield for strength. In different parts of Asia, it’s been called the ‘tea of immortality.’

What is in kombucha?

Kombucha consists of four simple ingredients: tea, water, sugar and kombucha cultures (also known as the SCOBY). These four ingredients, once combined, are left to ferment for 10-14 days resulting in a tangy, lightly sparkling and refreshing beverage.

It will taste of the tea it was made with, and have a slightly sweet yet refreshing flavour thanks to the acidity and carbonation. An adequately fermented kombucha is complex in flavour. It has become adopted as a great cocktail ingredient as well, and is currently on Ago Perrone’s menu at The Connaught!

Is it true that kombucha gives you a bit of a buzz?

Most drinkers quickly experience a sense of renewed energy and slightly heightened senses… There continues to be a debate about what causes this as we can rule out caffeine, sugar and alcohol. Experts have suggested the B vitamins produced during the fermentation process are responsible.

Whatever the cause—there is an undeniable lift, energy boost and focus that comes from drinking kombucha!

What makes kombucha good for you?

Several components lead to the health benefits one will experience when drinking kombucha. One is the antioxidants and polyphenols in the tea itself, which protect the body from oxidative stress. Tea also contains a wonderful amino acid, L-Theanine, which has been proven to increase mental alertness and brain functioning.

As a by-product of fermentation, kombucha also contains various organic acids. One of those, acetic acid, has anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties—meaning it kills bacteria and reduces inflammation. The aforementioned B vitamins, particularly B12, provide energy and assist in the functioning of our nervous systems.

Also, since kombucha is low in sugar and booze-free when its chosen as an alternative to soda or alcohol, we experience better sleep and lower inflammation.

For further info, please speak to your lifestyle manager—and to try Fix8 Kombucha, please use code Quintessentially15 for 15% off all orders at

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