Hot List: The Top Five Tables Across America

Words by Keven Amfo

19 June 2020

Wondering what comprises the best of the best? Here are the top five most requested restaurant reservations from the US in the 2019.

Copyright Carbone

1 - Carbone

181 Thompson Street, NYC 10012This downtown favourite pays homage to classic Italian-American cuisine. Iconic elements, such as the old-timey sign outside, a tiled floor reminiscent of The Godfather, and a uniform of a burgundy tuxedo for the wait staff, make you feel as if you’ve stepped back into the New York of yore. The food served in the dim dining room lives up to the hype. Expert preparation elevates familiar dishes, such as Shrimp Scampi, Lasagna Bianco and Rigatoni Vodka—do not miss the Caesar Salad, which is prepared tableside. Truly special, the epitome of one of those ‘only in New York’ places, there is no surprise that Carbone sits at the top of this list.

Copyright Nobu Malibu

2 - Nobu Malibu

22706 CA-1, Malibu, CA 90265Not just your typical sushi joint, Nobu Malibu comes courtesy of globally-celebrated chef Nobu Matsuhisa—and has been mentioned in songs by Drake and Future. LA was the site of Chef Matsuhisa’s first-ever restaurant, so it's only fitting that one of today's most popular locations of Nobu should be in the city. Home to many celebrity sightings, the food at Nobu Malibu remains the real draw—both the signature dishes (the best Black Cod with Miso ever) and the location-specific ones, like Dover Sole with Crispy Spinach, are spot-on. They also serve a more comprehensive dessert menu; we loved the Semifreddo which features Malibu coconut.

Copyright The Polo Bar

3 - The Polo Bar

1 E 55th Street, NYC 10022Ralph Lauren’s reservations-only restaurant serves both classic and seasonal American cuisine. The third location, it features interiors inspired by the famous clothing and lifestyle brand, rich with sporting references and cosy saddle leathers. A fantastic burger, using beef sourced from the Double RL Ranch, sits alongside a classic chopped salad, and finer offerings such as caviar and oysters. Known for their desserts—which include an ice cream sundae and homemade coffee ice cream—they have a comprehensive wine list and vegetarian menu as well. The smart uniforms worn by the waitstaff are, of course, custom Ralph, helping the immersive experience to feel as if you’re living inside one of the archetypal Ralph Lauren ads.

Copyright Pastis 2

4 - Pastis

52 Gansevoort Street, NYC 10014The newly reopened New York hotspot has reclaimed its former glory as one of the most coveted tables in Manhattan. Whilst online reservations may have replaced the coveted VIP phone number, many of the initially loved elements from Keith McNally’s original have reappeared in its new incarnation, now located around the corner. Open from morning til night in classic French brasserie-style, expect to dine on Steak Frites, Escargots, or the revolving Plat du Jour. The buzzy, decidedly New York atmosphere is great when dining alone—snag a seat at the bar—or with a group; either way, don’t miss the perfect Tarte Tatin and a glass of champagne.

Copyright L Artusi

5 - L’Artusi

228 W 10th Street, NYC 10014The sister restaurant to dell’Anima, L’Artusi is a decade-old New York classic, that year after year never seems to lose its panache. The two-storey restaurant, in a pretty West Village townhouse, serves classic Italian dishes, alongside a mostly Italian wine list. Fresh pastas (try the Mushroom Ragu) meet seasonal vegetable dishes, all executed simply but expertly—true Italian style. Brunch is delicious as well, we love the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes, and the desserts are inventive and indulgent. The vibrant ambience reflects its downtown location, bustling and noisy, and is a great place to enjoy a dinner with friends.

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