Chain Reaction

01 July 2020

Got your eye on a new holiday home? First, you may want to cash in any gains on your existing portfolio. Leverage every angle at your disposal: "A repaint can work wonders, and be sure to put all your clutter into storage," says our luxury property expert Penny Mosgrove of Quintessentially Estates, adding, "Light scented candles, bake bread in the oven, and don't have a dog running around."

But that's not all – you'll want to be armed with the finer details of the local market. Read on for Penny's premium neighbourhood know-how.


"Uncertainty is kryptonite for any property market," says Penny, "so try to avoid general elections, the possibility of tax changes, and political instability." She continues, "The market is most active in autumn and spring. Other months are quiet, so to achieve the best price possible, go for those."

New York

The Big Apple is the winter destination most visited by travellers, Penny points out. "So put your holiday home on the market during the chill, as potential viewers are in town at that time." The property market in New York has dipped recently, so there's a chance of bargains.

In terms of showings, "Most homes look better in the daytime, and that stops at 4pm in the winter," Penny warns, "Though the exception is penthouses, where potential buyers can see the city laid out before them at night."

Los Angeles

Penny heaps praise on the LA property market: "Interest is rising, but there are still some fantastic homes for sale at great prices." However she adds, "The area can be quiet during school holidays, so try to take advantage of the market during term times."

Balearic Islands

Mallorca is one of the most popular holiday home markets in the world right now, so if you've got a bolt-hole that's been in the family since the 1970s, now might be the right time to offload it. "Ibiza is still enormously popular as the commuting to London is so easy," says Penny. Nearby Portugal is becoming very popular, so if you have property there, you could take advantage of how trendy it's become too.

Hong Kong

"The market in Hong Kong is insane. Prices are high and still going up all the time," says Penny. In this case, sell to take advantage of the rises.

For all the insider knowledge and help in selling or finding your dream property – on- or off-market - don't hesitate to contact our team of property specialists /

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