Amazonico's Peacock Spritz

Words by Quintessentially

19 June 2020


Staying in is the new going out, but whilst we’re inside, we can still enjoy some of our favourite cocktails from London’s most creative mixologists. Since opening last fall, Madrid import Amazonico has been one of London’s most sought-after restaurants. This week, their Head Barman Edoardo Casarotto has exclusively shared his recipe for the ‘Peacock Spritz.’ Lift the mood with some bright, tropical flavours and share virtually with friends for the ultimate online cocktail party…

Peacock Spritz

Serves 1

For the cocktail

40 ml Ciroc Vodka

25 ml Passion fruit syrup - Monin, or similar

20 ml Aperol

20 ml Lemon juice - freshly squeezed

For the top

Veuve Clicquot, or similar champagne

For the garnish

1 piece of pink apple

1 piece of orange

1 Amarena cherry

The iconic peacock glass is exclusive to Amazonico; in its absence, use a classic highball or tumbler instead.


Put the cocktail ingredients together in a shaker with one cube of ice

Shake very hard, then pour everything into your glass using a double strainer

Fill up the glass with ice, up to 2 cm from the top

Add a champagne floater at the top

Top up the last bit with crushed ice, in order to create a base for the garnish


Cut some very thin slices of pink apple and orange

Using a cocktail stick, put everything together following the order: cherry/ apple slice/ orange slice

Add the garnish on the top of the glass


Photography by Amazonico

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