101 - How To Travel With Less Stress

Words by Keven Amfo

19 June 2020

Travel should not be difficult! Try these tricks and tips to help make your travel experience as streamlined and stress-free as possible.

Have your luggage collected from or delivered directly to your home
Dealing with luggage, and the additional hassle it presents when checking in or simply going from car to terminal, is oft a source of anguish associated with travel. New services, such as AirPortr (in conjunction with British Airways), pick up your bags from home and put them directly on the plane—or, pick them up in the terminal and deliver to your doorstep. Bags are sealed in front of you for security, so you’re able to travel light and skip the
airport queues.

Stock your iPad, laptop, or tablet
Whilst onboard entertainment has improved dramatically, prepare ahead of time—especially for long-haul flights—by uploading audiobooks, films, and TV shows to your tablet. Turbulence or unforeseen technical issues can interfere with in-seat entertainment. Ensure if this does happen, you won’t be left high and dry.

Use a global concierge
Services such as Gilded Globe make navigating the airport and its increasing number of checkpoints much more straightforward. A PA will take you either from gate to car on arrival, or curb to aircraft on departure, streamlining the security experience. Their services can also be enlisted for transfers—particularly useful if you need to change terminals or have a more extended layover. For a similar yet more elevated experience, Heathrow VIP offers the services as mentioned above, plus a private suite to luxuriate in pre-flight. They serve a delicious meal courtesy of Jason Atherton and have personal shoppers on hand to make the most of your duty-free shopping.

Maximise your time in-flight
No longer a taboo, face and foot masks are a great way to minimise the effects of long haul flights. “I love using Gold Collagen Hydrogel Face Masks in air, to relieve dehydrated skin,” says Jenny Graham, Managing Director of Quintessentially Travel. Also, nothing is a substitute for internal hydration. “Guzzle as much water as possible on the plane—you cannot overestimate how much this will help you once you land,” she says. If you can fast and give your digestive system a break, even better.

Adjust to your new time zone
Actual and psychological changes to your various clocks can help you adjust to a new time zone. Setting your watch to the correct time and updating the Night Shift on your phone are simple changes that can have a real effect. The app Timeshifter has been created by scientists, giving you a personalised real-life plan to help adjust your sleep and habits based on your circadian rhythm to help you acclimate as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Pack smart
Checked luggage inevitably takes somewhat of a beating during travel, as it’s thrown in and out of the hold. Marking it as ‘Fragile’ at check-in is a way to avoid extra damage—ask for a ‘Fragile’ label, and affix it clearly to your bag for an extra bit of care. Jenny recommends using a smart suitcase by Horizn Studios. “They have a built-in GPS tracker, so you’ll never lose your luggage. Plus there’s a phone charger, so you don’t have to worry about finding an outlet—also, they’re cool and stylish,” she says.

Ease in
Once you’ve arrived at your destination, make yourself as comfortable as possible to shake off the lingering effects of the flight. Vitamins (“15th Degree is my saviour,” says Jenny) before, during, and after your trip can help your body bounce back. So can exercise. W Hotels offers in-room yoga sessions on the TV, or, look into a class at a local studio. Reflexology and massage are also good ways to reboot. Making your room comfortable can help too—bring or ask for a candle to add cosiness and impart a calming scent.

To relax, enlist the help of Quintessentially Travel to ensure every detail is handled, and you’re making the most of your experience. There is no substitute for expert advice!

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