Three vintage champagne experiences to try this summer

Words by Alex Rayner

29 June 2020


The vows of the marriage season might last ‘until death do us part’, but the joy of the wedding toast is usually gone with the draining of a single flute.

Yet, there’s no reason why you should let those bubbles burst quite so quickly. Whether you’re celebrating friends’ nuptials, or marking your own wedding anniversary, Clos19 has new ways to indulge a love of vintage champagnes.

Clos19 is a recent addition to LVMH’s luxurious portfolio and takes its name from the clos [pronounced: ‘clōh’], or French walled vineyard in which the most prized vines have been cultivated since Medieval times. With privileged access to viticulture’s rarest terroirs, Clos19 has found sophisticated approaches through which to share its unparalleled champagne and champagne estates, with a select clientele group.

Under the guidance of Clos19, you could enjoy a private four-day tour of the region, taking in Ruinart’s UNESCO World Heritage cellars and the vineyards of Veuve Clicquot, as well as a Moët & Chandon ‘vertical champagne tasting’ (which, as all good oenophiles know, features glasses of different vintages taken from one specific bottling) in an exclusive salon once frequented by Napoléon Bonaparte. This all takes place under the tutelage of a Clos19 ambassador and is complemented with sumptuous meals at Michelin-starred restaurants, along with five-star luxury accommodation. And, if that doesn’t go to your head, you and your fellow travellers can take a trip in a fighter jet, to see the champagne appellation from a very different angle.

Then again, for a deeper, and more convenient dive into the cellars of the world’s first champagne house, you might also consider a one-day immersion session at Ruinart, which lies just a soupçon outside Paris. Begin with an exclusive tour of the house and its majestic cellars, guided by Ruinart’s own brilliant hosts. Enjoy a personal champagne tasting; wander among the vineyards, and discover Ruinart’s story through virtual reality, during a private, five-course gourmet lunch.

Or for a social event to top even the most extravagant this season, go for Clos19’s Veuve Clicquot summer day takeover. This starts with a champagne reception for you and your friends, and includes a leisurely walk in the vineyards and a personal tour of the house’s ancient cellars, all to the accompaniment of a skilled cellist, playing a repertoire of string arrangements chosen specifically for the occasion. And the jewel in the crown? You'll party in private together over a gourmet champagne lunch, at the house’s timeless, romantic Manoir de Verzy. Nestled in the vineyards and brimming with old-world elegance, the place is entirely yours for this unforgettable day.

This trio of experiences make for the perfect gift, or an ideal personal indulgence, whether you’re a true connoisseur or an absolute beginner. And the knowledge and memories will stay with you, long after the first fizz has died away.

For detailed information on these exclusive Clos19 experiences, please contact your lifestyle manager who will orientate you towards the ideal itinerary for you and your champagne-loving companions.

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