Bee Goddess – The Creator: Talismanic Fine Jewellery

01 July 2020

Bee Goddess's Founder and Creator Ece Sirin's journey began when she discovered the power of symbols, since then she has been on a mission to share that power with the world through her exquisite fine jewellery collections.

Prior to launching Bee Goddess, the world's first truly talismanic fine jewellery brand, London based Sirin strode the power corridors of mega-brands like Microsoft and Coca-Cola. With a hugely successful career already behind her, Sirin found herself searching for something more profound, experimenting with Reiki, Kabbalah, and other forms of spiritualism, something she had felt a pull towards her whole life. It wasn't until 2004, when an astrologer told her that her 'archetype' was the Moon Goddess that the power of symbols fell into place. Upon making her first talisman, a small gold symbol of the Moon Goddess Diana, her whole life changed - for the better, and the power of symbols became apparent to her.

Mixing luxury craftsmanship with universal mythology, all pieces feature ancient symbols of power, love and meaning, including the motif of Artemis, the Goddess of the Moon, as well as a variety of good luck charms. Effortlessly wearable for any occasion, delicate chain necklaces, glamorous ear cuffs, enchanting rings and polished bangles form the cornerstone of each collection.

The Bee Goddess collection is hand made in Europe by skilled craftsmen using European stones, the finest diamonds and 14k and 18k gold, with hints of diamond-encrusted embellishment. The collection predominantly showcases rose gold, however all pieces are available in yellow and white gold.

Four years of intense research into mythology, alchemy, goddess philosophy, and sacred geometry followed before Bee Goddess was launched in 2008 with 12 powerful symbols, garnered from ancient civilisations around the world, from the Ishtar star based on the ancient Babylonian goddess, to the ancient Egyptian Shen ring. In a time when so many people are searching for greater meaning, Ece was struck by how these ancient symbols carried clues to our inner forces and potential, and that although we speak different languages, symbols are universal and speak the language of the heart.

Ece's vision for Bee Goddess is to redefine why and how we wear jewellery. Ancient, timeless symbols are woven throughout her collections, taking the wearer on a spiritual and mythological journey towards their inner divinity. The archetypal symbols act as keys to connect to our inner nature, unlocking the power of our subconscious and reflecting the true wisdom of the soul.

Bee Goddess derives its name from the mother of all Goddesess from Catalhoyuk, known to be the first settlement in the world in 7500BC. This Great Mother is the embodiment of love and compassion, creativity, wisdom, beauty, power and grace.
Ece believes that as modern women: mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, wives, partners, lovers, creators... we have many roles, many faces, but our greatest face has yet to be revealed to the world. Insıde us a pure force exists, our inner goddess that needs to be released so we can walk on a path that others will worship.

Today, Bee Goddess encompasses 62 (and growing) sacred symbols, and both Sirin and the brand have won multiple international awards, including an Elle Style Award in 2012. With four stores in Turkey, and global distribution in the finest boutiques including Harrods in London, Bee Goddess is adored and worn by some of today's most powerful and stylish women – including Donna Karan, Kate Moss, and Rhianna.

For further details on Bee Goddess, please contact Quintessentially's gift sourcing team on [email protected] or call +44 (0) 845 224 2617. Interested in becoming a member? Request more information

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