Back-To-School Tips For Parents

Words by Keven Amfo

22 June 2020

Set your children up for a successful school year with these five tips from Quintessentially’s team of education experts.

Start reading books with your children

Help them get back into ‘school’ mode by reading with them. In addition to being a great form of entertainment, reading is proven to improve academic success across all subjects, whilst building confidence and creativity. Even if just for 15 minutes before bed, incorporate this into your routine to instill healthy habits and make the transition back into being studious a bit more smooth.

Set — and stick to — regular bedtimes and wakeup times

To help your children adjust, try instilling a routine. Incorporated into daily life before school actually starts, this can help avoid the inevitable shock that accompanies the early alarm after a leisurely summer. The NHS recommends that on average, 9-year-olds get ten hours of sleep and 14-year-olds should get nine hours. To help prepare them for an earlier slumber, try giving them a warm bath while playing some soothing music. Following the reading, a relaxing breathing exercise can help if they still aren’t ready to sleep.

Organise playdates before school starts again

After a summer spent away, particularly for small children, it can be hard to remember classmates come autumn. Try scheduling playdates before the first day — take advantage of lingering sunny skies to spend some time in the park with both old and new friends. Seeing familiar faces around the school on the first day will help them to feel more comfortable in your absence.

Make going back to school exciting

Shopping for school supplies can be very fun, and a good way to let your children take ownership over part of their school experience. Stocking up on their favourite stationery, pencil cases, backpacks, and even trying on school shoes is a great way to spark their enthusiasm and remind them that parts of school can be fun. Let them match what they take to school with what’s on their desk at home, and encourage colour-coordinating by subject for older students to help them stay organised.

Work with a tutor

Enlisting the help of a tutor before the year begins is a great way to familiarise your children with forgotten subjects. As they likely have not been focusing on their reading, writing, and maths over the summer, having a bit of a refresher before embarking upon the year can build confidence and ensure they don’t fall behind when things start. Specialty tutors can focus on a single subject or provide an overall refresher of the previous year, so they won’t have forgotten what they learnt.

Contact Quintessentially’s Education Department for access to expert tutors and general advice to make the most of the year.

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