Free spirits: what’s trending in the no/low drinks world?

Words by Georgie Young

19 January 2024


Wondering what to drink when you’re not drinking? Here’s what the experts are saying will be big this year.

Gone are the days of alcohol-free options being along the lines of a lime and soda. Today’s non-drinkers are sipping cocktails made from zero-alcohol spirits, celebrity-endorsed wellness tipples, and 0% ABV wines (such as at The Ivy, which has just partnered with Zero Zilch Zip to offer 10 booze-free bottles).

The no/low industry is certainly booming – and projected to grow by another 6% by 2026. Some of this exponential growth can be attributed to the changing drink habits of Millennials – in the UK, a January 2024 survey reported that 44% of drinkers aged 18–24 occasionally or regularly order alcohol alternatives (up by 31% from 2022). However, it’s mostly due to a general increase in health consciousness across society as a whole.

But enough of the statistics. We want to know where the no/low industry is going in 2024 and – more importantly – which serves will be trending at our favourite bars. So, we asked three drinks experts for their opinions, below.

Abstinence blood orange apéritif

Recommended by: Nick Bell, Beers & Spirits Senior Buyer at Harvey Nichols

Why is it trending? According to Nick, alcohol-free Italian-style bitters are set to be a hit this year. ‘It adds diversity to the 0% ABV category,’ he says. ‘You can make cocktails such as a Negroni by adding alcohol-free gin and vermouth, or a Negroni Sbagliato by topping it with alcohol-free Prosecco.’

What does it taste like? Flavourful, bitter, complex. ‘It is perfect for use in alcoholic cocktails to add depth and lighten the alcohol content,’ says Nick. ‘The flavour profile is notably focused on blood orange, with notes of allspice, cinchona bark, clove, and African wormwood.’

Where can I get it? Any specialist drinks retailer – including Harvey Nichols.

Bottle and glass of Abstinence blood orange apéritif with dried orange garnish and bowl of back peppercorn
Glass of Abstinence blood orange apéritif with dried orange garnish
Abstinence blood orange apéritif

Nootropic cocktails

Recommended by: Alex Lyonnes, Bar Manager at LUCA

Why is it trending? Nootropics have been making their way into the mocktail mainstream for a while – but Alex thinks 2024 will be the year they truly blow up. ‘One of my favourite ingredients at the moment is EDI Euphoria,’ he says. ‘It’s a hemp distillate supercharged with a blend of hydrosol CBD, 5-HTP, and guarana seed extract, boosting serotonin while releasing a steady flow of caffeine,’ he says.

What does it taste like? ‘I love the grassy taste of this distillate’ he says. ‘Here at Luca, we’ve paired it with Paragon's Rue Berry, Pentire Seaward, and aloe vera juice, and topped it with tonic water. It’s quickly becoming one of our best sellers.’

Where can I get it? LUCA.

Bottle and glass of nootropic cocktail, EDI Euphoria
Bottle and glass of nootropic cocktail, EDI Euphoria
Nootropic cocktail, EDI Euphoria

Everleaf mountain apéritif

Recommended by: Denise Elisei, Head Bartender at Vesper Bar, The Dorchester London

Why is it trending? ‘As more people prioritise health and wellness, non-alcoholic beverages like mocktails and low-ABV drinks will likely continue to grow in popularity,’ Denise explains. ‘We are now seeing a second wave of low/non-alcoholic drinks launching, including products like vermouth, Campari, and apéritifs.’

What does it taste like? It’s a fruity blend of aromatics and extracts, with notes of cherry blossom, strawberry, and bitter rosehip. ‘We provide a low ABV cocktail called Forbidden Fruit,’ says Densie. ‘This is Everleaf Mountain, revived Champagne syrup, and forbidden fruit molasses, which is left over from the distillation of forbidden fruit liqueur.’

Where can I try it? Vesper Bar at The Dorchester.

Women holding a bottle of Everleaf Mountain apéritif on a side table with a glass of drink with strawberry garnish next to a window. Women holding a bottle of Everleaf Mountain apéritif on a side table with a glass of drink with strawberry garnish next to a window.
Everleaf mountain apéritif

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