What Is An Education Consultant?

Words by Keven Amfo

23 June 2020


If you're struggling with what decision to make regarding your child’s education, consider hiring an Education Consultant to advise on what’s best.

What does an Education Consultant do?

Quintessentially's Education Consultants help parents to make the right decisions for their children in the area of education, from nursery to prep to senior school and university, including Oxbridge. The consultants can advise on every stage of the educational process, using their professional experience and expertise to walk families through the different steps.

A good consultant should be able to provide advice and guide families on various educational pathways, all with the end goal of helping each student reach his or her fullest potential. They should explore a full spectrum of options, always putting the child first and acting independently of any school-related biases. Through their expertise (usually rooted in extensive experience), they will be able to instill confidence in parents.

Do I need an Education Consultant?

Parents and families often seek the guidance of an Education Consultant if they have a pending natural education transition—i.e., primary to secondary school—or if they are new to a particular education system, meaning they may have just moved to the UK. Sometimes, families have a specific goal in mind and want support in reaching that goal, or they have a challenging situation and need independent professional guidance from outside the student's current school.

What is the process of working with an Education Consultant?

The process is personalised per family—there is no one size fits all solution. First, the consultant will meet with the child and the family, asking a series of questions that will help lead to their final recommendations, including age/ability/personality/family ethos/long term goals/and more. Those conversations, coupled with professional educational assessments, will help them advise as to the best situation and recommend a pathway for the child.

Then, after a shortlist of possibilities has been agreed upon, they will guide the family along that pathway, walking them through each step of the application or enrollment process, providing admissions advice, interview preparations, course recommendations, and more. Their experience and relationship with the school or university will help to ensure the child has the best chance possible for successful acceptance.

What should I consider when choosing a school for my child?

Many important factors should be taken into consideration when matching your child with their optimal school. Looking beyond the test results of the school is first and foremost. Whilst they are essential, they don't portray a full picture of a school. There are many elements beyond testing that can help determine whether or not the school is a good fit—pastoral care, extracurricular activities. Also, the whole family should be taken into consideration. Will all the children be in the same school? Is it most important that it's within walking distance of your home?

Also, just because a school is considered 'good' doesn't necessarily mean it will be suitable for your child or your family. Consideration of your child's individual needs (do they have special needs? are they uniquely gifted?), personality, and goals should be the penultimate factor in deciding where they should attend. Ultimately, it is about what is right for each child.

Who are the consultants?

Many people are consulting now. Still, it's important to be discerning when choosing who to work with—for example, some consultants are affiliated with specific schools, so it's crucial to confirm they work independently (on behalf of the student, not on behalf of a particular school). Many Education Consultants are ex-school teachers or headmasters and headmistresses, and some are existing professors, general educationalists, and top tier university alumni.

This varied experience enables each to offer learned insights and expert advice, especially when it comes to navigating the UK and US educational systems. They will walk families through all educational matters, including different school entry points, interview prep, assessments, and more. Each of the consultants at Quintessentially has individualised specialisms—from London all-girls day schools to International Baccalaureate boarding schools, to private nurseries in west

For example, 'C' was Headmistress of London's prestigious Garden House Girls' School, and has served as a Governor at Heathfield School. As Head, she focussed on helping each student reach their full potential, experiencing excellent academic results with top London Day and UK boarding schools. Familiar with all stages of formal education, she is well-positioned to advise on the transfer into preparatory school, secondary education, or sixth form. She is a true industry expert and can offer valuable insight on everything from the application process to the entrance examinations. She prides herself on the ability to find and place each student in the right school.

Another consultant, 'J' read Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at the University of Oxford. While he was studying there, he created a YouTube channel dedicated to helping other students achieve their academic ambitions. The channel has amassed over 1,500,000 views and was recognised with an award from Oxford. After graduating in 2014, he began working with Google but continued to help support students with their university applications. He still sits on educational panels at Oxford, supporting students in their academic endeavours. His close relationship and ongoing contact with the university ensures he has a comprehensive understanding of the evolved admissions process, making him ideally positioned to support students with their applications.

Interested in enlisting the help of a consultant to better your child’s chances for their best educational environment? Quintessentially’s Education experts are here to help.

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