What are luxury lifestyle services?

Words by Alex Rayner

19 June 2020


An outline of our services - and how we can help you.

It’s hard to know when to ask for help. If you’ve found success in life, you’d be forgiven for thinking that things get easier. However, there are quite a few new, additional slings and arrows that come with outrageous good fortune. And that’s where Quintessentially comes in.

Founded in London at the end of the 20th century, Quintessentially is one of the world’s most acclaimed, accomplished and best-connected suppliers of luxury lifestyle services. You can think of our international phalanx of lifestyle managers, specialist contractors and in-house experts as a team of upscale first responders, able to both brighten your prospects and iron out any problems that might cramp up your day.

Quintessentially’s luxury lifestyle services can sort out everyday necessities, such as cleaners, housekeepers, cooks, tutors, nannies, locksmiths and plumbers. Everyone who works for us has been tested and vetted, which means you can trust them with the work, and trust them in your home.

And there’s more beyond the everyday. Step out of your door, and you can enjoy privileged access to the world’s best restaurants, bars, members' clubs and nightclubs. These include hard-to-book, Michelin-starred establishments and places vying for the top spot on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list, as well as the hottest cabarets, bars, lounges and clubs.

We can also provide members with tickets and VIP access to a wide range of concerts, fashion shows, film premieres, and society happenings, as well as entry to exclusive members events, private gigs and afterparties. And these services aren’t just limited to those with Quintessentially membership. If you have a particularly important client, contact or friend you need to impress, we can organise the most stunning entertainment options for you both.

When you’re out of town, Quintessentially can be there too. Our dedicated travel team will oversee everything, from detailed itineraries to on-the-ground help with lost bags, missed connections, upgrades, spa treatments, guides, and bespoke experiences. From private jets to hidden beach restaurants, we will hook you up. Oh, and we also offer a villa service, via which we provide our members with exceptional holiday home rentals.

For more substantial, long-term moves, you can call on Quintessentially’s team. Our property experts can find a beautiful new base in just the right location, facilitate your move and help oversee your house (or houses) management, looking after everything from interior design, through to pet care, food shopping, home entertainment, phone and streaming subscriptions, and the post, as well as smaller errands.

If you need staff, our high-end recruitment operatives can find, interview and appoint first-class personal assistants, house managers and housekeepers, as well as chauffeurs, bodyguards, butlers, personal trainers, chefs, and butlers.

Thinking about expanding your own professional career? Then contact the ventures team, who may have some highly tempting business opportunities, and regularly facilitate fruitful working relationships between Quintessentially members.

Many family homes also call on our education department, not only to find and gain places at the best schools, but also to benefit from introductions to high-quality tutors, and for assistance with applications to the best universities and other higher-education institutions.

Adults can learn and grow with Quintessentially too, not least via our art team. Thanks to personal relationships and breadth of knowledge, they can arrange private tours of artists’ studios, access to art fairs, galleries and museums, as well as advise and assist on attending auctions and assembling a fine-art collection of one’s own. Meet dealers, gallerists, and even the artists themselves; discover wise investment choices, new and old works, and spend a little time with like-minded art-world figures – we’ll put you in the picture.

Horses and horseback riding is also something close to many of our members’ hearts. Our equestrian team offers detailed knowledge and expertise in this area and can arrange for stabling, grooming and transportation of horses, as well as lessons and access to the best racing and horse-riding events across the globe.

Prefer more contemporary forms of transport? Then talk to us about our fleet of luxury chauffeur-driven vehicles. We can offer members Jaguar XJs, Mercedes, Bentleys, BMWs, Rolls Royce, and MPVs, as well as a range of super-cars if you really want to stand out on the road. And, when it comes to the skies, our private jet and aviation hire services offer a similar degree of choice, luxury and flexibility; because we are not limited to one supplier, we can get better rates and return legs around the world.

If you’re planning on sending out the invitations, then speak to our special events and weddings personnel, who have, over the past couple of decades, arranged some of the most spectacular birthday parties, weddings, anniversary gatherings, corporate outings and special-occasion events anywhere in the world.

And when it comes to giving something back, consider our award-winning philanthropic arm, Quintessentially Foundation, and, a little closer to home, our gifts service, which can source hard-to-find Birkin bags, rare watches, and other luxury items. They provide personal shopping and styling services and even offer a gift
reminder service, so you’ll never forget any big birthdays.

Of course, you don’t need to thank us. There are a wide range of specialists within Quintessentially, and there is never a limit—be it financial, time-wise, or quantity of—on the requests you may have for us.

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