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29 June 2020

Join Ty Wood plus a host of celebrities, artists and influencers at the surfboard art show for ocean conservationists Project 0.

The initiative – weaponised by Ty's relationship to father Ronnie Wood – is one of several admirable drives, alongside fashion collaborator Parley and the militant Sea Shepherd, to clean up the sea and protect marine life. Ty was asked by founder Michele Clarke to join the 'board' and he hasn't looked back. It certainly trumps being a model-slash-DJ.

Project 0's various operations range from protecting mangroves in the Caribbean, to curating sustainable fishing in Britain's Lyme Bay. Its next awareness raiser? An exhibition of surfboards customised by a shoal of artists and celebrities. "We were looking at a canvas for artists that was emblematic of the ocean, easy to work with, and also great for buyers to collect," says Ty. "The pieces, when they are together, create a dramatic statement that's hard to miss."

The boards will be displayed and tendered at a forthcoming event in London scheduled for early summer, as part of Quintessentially's Art Patron Programme. Contributing artists will talk through the works and explain the importance of protecting the ocean.

"As far as we know, we're the only planet in the universe with an ocean, and the ocean is what keeps us all alive today," says Ty. "It accounts for 71% of our planet, and of the remaining 29% – or "the dirt" as National Geographic explorer-in-residence Sylvia Earle calls it - only 14% is under protection. But in comparison, less than 5% of the ocean is protected, when in fact the aim should be for no less than 30%. But we're not going to stop until there are zero unprotected areas in the ocean– hence the name of our project."

For more information on Project 0's surfboard art exhibition evening set to occur early summer 2018, and to learn how you will be able to bid for one of these remarkable surf-art pieces at auction, please get in touch with Tali Zeloof at Quintessentially Art Patrons. [email protected]

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