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Quintessentially Magazine, Reloaded

30 June 2020

Our house publication, rebooted for a new generation.

Quintessentially Magazine is our quarterly journal. When the inaugural issue was distributed to members in 2004, it was the first ever title to cater for high net worth individuals and their lifestyles.

Fast-forward 14 years and our globalised world now bears witness to a whole wealth industry. But during that time, feelings have changed on what constitutes affluence itself. 'Luxury living' is less concerned with materialism and more with quality of existence. We know, because it's what you all, our members, are more interested in as time goes by.

The new Quintessentially Magazine, edited by style sector lynchpin Anthony Teasdale, reflects this fascinating new world of wealth. It is especially focused on providing a community hub for Quintessentially members – which many of you requested in the past, and which we've now responded to. To encourage this sentiment, the reader's journey through the magazine is inspired by the layout of a members' club: be received in the opening Reception section, take in the scene at the Gallery, kick back in the Lounge, and refuel in the Kitchen. Take a mooch around the Out and About area at the rear: pick up some insider intel from Quintessentially's departments and introduce yourself to your fellow members, in a brand new networking directory feature.

Just inside Reception, you'll find our cover star Eric Underwood. The striking black ballet megastar, one of the most consistent soloists in the history of the Royal Ballet, has been adopted as a talisman by the fashion world. He's modelled for Hackett, H&M and Samsonite – but our own astonishing images are taken from The NYC Dance Project, a show-stopping photo folio by photographer Ken Browar and creative Deborah Ory.

In the Gallery, browse our definitive visual guide to Italian men's style; so slick and so smart, simultaneously, somehow. Quintessentially's Italian chairman GiulioZambeletti lets us all in on some of the secrets behind it. One we'll leak now is honing a sense of 'sprezzatura'. In the Italian-English dictionary it translates as 'nonchalance', but it's specifically that sense of effortless chic – trying too hard being anathema – that Italians do so well and that we Brits, with our abundance of fashion magazines and on-trend accessories, would do well to import.

While you're in the Gallery, we'd also draw your attention to a suite of photos featuring homes built over and around water, rivers and oceans. Tranquil and bewitching, they're precisely the kind of oases that define the new way of living luxuriously.

Our new club sound rather inviting? Well, not only are you already a member, but you founded it, curated it, and essentially edited it. Step right in, and open the new issue of Quintessentially Magazine when it arrives via traditional mail – the oldest, but still the most exciting – any day now.

If you'd like to enjoy the best things in life and experience the benefits of a Quintessentially membership, please contact [email protected]

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