Natural wonder: islands in the Indian Ocean

Words by Keven Amfo

23 June 2020

The world's third-largest ocean, the Indian Ocean, spans 27 million square miles, covering nearly 20% of the Earth's water surface and giving home to 25% of global biodiversity. From the glistening azure waters and velvet soft white sands to the swaying palm trees and some of the best sunsets around, the islands and archipelagos located in the Indian Ocean offer a heavenly castaway and much-needed escape from the dreary grey of winter.

Seychelles min


Seychelles, commonly associated with picturesque beachside bliss, also benefit from an assortment of turquoise lagoons and spectacular landscapes. Mountains, rainforests, and granite boulder-decorated shorelines are a few of the other natural wonders that can be found on this biodiverse set of islands. Rare wildlife abounds—keep your eye open, and you may spot an Aldabra giant tortoise or the Seychelles warbler.

Known for exceptional diving—there are several wreck dives, as well as the high likelihood of spotting whale sharks—Seychelles is also home to many luxury resorts. The Four Seasons Resort Seychelles is a secluded oasis that will encourage you to slow down your pace and appreciate the island lifestyle. Conservation-focussed activities alongside water sports, a fabulous spa experience, and five restaurants will maximise your experience.

Raffles, another luxury resort on the second-largest granite island in Seychelles, Praslin, offers a masterful blend of adventure and relaxation. The unparalleled setting on the tip of the island has expansive views over the ocean, atop a private beach. Bespoke service offerings include trips to neighbouring private islands or nature reserves or a sunset dinner on the beach itself.

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Few places can compete with the tropical allure of the Maldives. You can enjoy everything from world-class spa treatments, to thrilling water sports, to encountering the colourful array of marine life. Or, you can soak up the sun rays from the deck of your private villa before taking a dip in a crystal clear lagoon. The Maldives is the postcard-perfect island destination.

The Muraka at the Conrad Maldives min

For a truly transcendent experience, stay at The Muraka at the Conrad Maldives. The first of its kind, the two-level private villa's master bedroom, and bathroom are completely submerged beneath the ocean. The beautiful villa has an infinity pool and three bedrooms, and the stay includes a private seaplane transfer, 24-hour butler, private chef, on-call fitness trainer, spa treatments, and personal jet skis.

The Fairmont Maldives 670x670

The Fairmont Maldives Sirru Fen Fushi effortlessly blends luxury and nature. The name, meaning 'secret water island,' inspired the resort's underwater art installation. The beautiful villas utilise natural materials alongside local artwork, and the poolside bar is entirely constructed from bamboo. Enjoy the largest pool in the Maldives—it stretches the length of the island—as well as a catalog of immersive experiences, such as a picnic on a nearby deserted island or a sunset dolphin cruise, ensuring a fantastic stay.

Mauritius min


It's impossible not to be taken by Mauritius' natural beauty, which is bursting with life. An impressive range of natural attractions, such as waterfalls, a dormant volcano, and Chamarel's seven-coloured earth geopark phenomenon. Almost completely encircled by one of the largest coral reefs in the world, the sea in Mauritius is calm and perfect for exploring. And if you're interested in exhilarating water sports or mouth-watering culinary delights, this is a great place to visit.

Maurritus 3 min

Shangri-La Le Touesserok marries their flair for Asian hospitality with the rich history of Mauritius. Enriching dining experiences accompany an 18-hole golf course, and every room and villa features uninterrupted views of the ocean. The highly capable staff will help you make the most of your visit—have them arrange a journey to a nearby private island for an idyllic swim and relaxation.

Maurritus 3 min 1

Set against the Bambou Mountain, the Four Seasons Resort at Anahita is lush and stylish. The hotel has a serviced private beach, just a short boat ride away, for a real castaway experience. Make friends with the resident giant turtles, visit the award-winning spa or experience one of two championship golf courses. They also have a marine discovery program, led by an on-site educator, to encourage exploration below the surface.

Quintessentially Travel will create your dream sunshine itinerary. Escape the grey.

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