Aire Ancient Baths

01 July 2020

Aire Ancients Baths is the ultimate escape from the bustling city. In a former textile factory built in 1883, Aire opened its doors just a few years back, bringing a time-honoured bathing-beauty culture to the heart of the city.

Inspired by the legacy of the Greek, Roman and ottoman baths and by water induced relaxation, the private spa offers six different bath chambers of varying degrees such as an ice pool (50 F), cold pool (57 F), warm pool (97 F), hot pool (102 F), salt pool (the salt density of the dead sea), as well as the Propeller-Jet Bath. There is also a glass-enclosed hammam that resembles a sunken cloud when the walls steam over.

…old-world opulence with contemporary graces for an unparalleled experience.

An elegant water world, the deeply atmospheric subterranean cavern is lit by candles and terracotta lanterns alone and only allows 20 people in at a time to create a calm and relaxing experience. The 16,000-sqaure-foot-space is filled with white marble and stone brought from the South of Spain.

Visitors are offered a quintessential experience starting off with a bath treatment that is a 90 minute thermal session carried out in the different bath chambers. The thermal bath treatment can be enhanced with a relaxing massage of 15, 30, 45 and 60 minutes with an option of a four-hand massage. To rest the mind, have a seat on the heated marble benches and enjoy a cup of tea or a glass of fresh juice.

Aire Ancient Baths is open year round, from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day and is currently located in Seville, Barcelona, Almeria and New York.

Lively yet intimate, the luxury spa merges old-world opulence with contemporary graces for an unparalleled experience. Quintessentially Lifestyle invites you to relax the mind, body and soul in this oasis of calm that borrows from ancient history.

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