Wintery Crafts For Children

Words by Keven Amfo

23 December 2020


Keep little hands occupied this winter break with these satisfying and engaging holiday craft ideas.

This holiday season, most of us are hunkered down at home amidst lockdown restrictions. Much time indoors may feel overwhelming when the children are out of school; to avoid excessive time spent on screens, we’ve compiled a few simple and fun crafting ideas that utilise things from around the house. Engage in these with your children between Christmas films and hot cocoa, perhaps even creating a few additional gifts to be left under the tree or for family members who are no longer able to visit. Happy holidays.

Tissue Sleeve

These simple fabric holders will upgrade the pack of tissues necessary for accompanying this time of year’s ubiquitous runny noses. Using either scrap fabric, an old T-shirt – even bits of a pillowcase or blanket – cut a rectangle that is double the size of a pack of pocket tissues. Fold in from each side to meet at the middle, leaving a slit opening from which to insert/remove the tissue pack.

Turn, so the ‘wrong’ side of the fabric is facing up. Sew along each outer edge, securing the sides. Turn inside out – the holder is complete. Add embroidered hearts, initials, and more to personalise each pouch.

Winter Bundles

These pretty and fragrant bundles can be used to top gifts, at place settings, as fire starters or simply as decor. First, thinly slice an orange and leave out on a baking tray to dry overnight. In the back garden, or on a stroll through the neighbourhood or park, ask children to collect branches and pine cones that have fallen to the ground. Pine branches and items from the garden, such as thyme and lavender, and eucalyptus, are particularly good to include – but stray branches suffice too!

Compile the findings into small bunches and use twine to wrap around the set to secure it into a bundle. Top with a dried orange (or two) and a bright or glittery ribbon if being used as a place setting or gift topper.

Homemade Gift Wrap

Lend some additional vibrance to the gifts under this year’s tree with some unique gift wrap. Using paper grocery bags (carefully separate them along the seams with a butter knife, opening them into one flat rectangle-ish shape), magazines or even newspaper, let children unleash their creativity to ultimately imagine the most special wrapping paper money cannot buy.

Crayons, paints, pastels, pens, stamps, stickers – the options are truly endless. If there is enough paper, have them create a specific colour or theme for each family member, and select a coordinating ribbon. It can make presents easier to find under the tree and is a fun way to highlight that person’s interests or preferences creatively.

For more craft ideas or to compile crafting materials during this holiday break, please contact your lifestyle manager.

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