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Step Into the Ring at BXR London

30 June 2020


Boxing's rise in popularity has been coupled by a deeper understanding and appreciation for the sport. Fans are engrossed from the minute competitors enter the ring; the precision they hold, technique they execute and stamina they possess are all skills crafted through the athletes rigorous training routine. It comes with no surprise that the sport's participants are now expanding from a niche professional participant pool to a wider audience of those seeking to gain the benefits of boxing through their regular work-out regime- and all they have to do is sign-up for a Membership with BXR London.

BXR founders and investing partner Anthony Joshua have formed an elite team of coaches, encompassing ex-professional boxers of various specialties including Kick Boxing, Muy Thai, and MMA fighters. Members can also team up with world leading strength & conditioning instructors and first-rate sports therapists to enhance all areas of athletic performance.

Not only does BXR provide premium boxing training, their fully equipped 4,000 sq ft gym leaves the floor wide open for a multitude of disciplines. The training area is separated into five distinct zones: cardio conditioning, functional training, boxing, free weights, and fixed weights. Each section features the very latest model equipment from Keiser, Wattbike, Skill Mill, TechnoGym, Bulldog and Assault Airbike to name a few.

Upon joining BXR, Quintessentially Members will be offered a full fitness assessment and initial consultation where they will have a personalised bespoke training plan created around their individual goals. That's when the real fun begins…

Gary Logan is the head boxing coach of BXR holding an impressive 20 year professional track record within the sport. During his professional years he earned an impressive 34 wins and one draw out of the 42 matches he competed in. His fights have been broadcasted on BBC, Sky Sports and Boxing News Magazine awarded his match against Hussain Osman in 2001 with the title 'Fight of the Year'. Gary teaches group classes at BXR and is also available for 1-1 sessions with individuals of all skill levels. In his private classes Gary dives into performance targeted strength and conditioning exercises, perfects technique and teaches how to manoeuvre and master matches in the ring.

For those looking to expand their knowledge of kick boxing or Muay Thai, Ryan Li currently holds the title as the 3rd best Muay Thai professional in the UK. The coaching session begins with a light warm-up followed by in-depth introduction and analysis of stance and technique. Combination drills are practised until this is mastered and then Members are offered the chance to try their luck against Ryan in the ring during a live sparring session.

Not only will BXR's private classes advance boxing skills, they also provide Members with the opportunity to maximise fat loss, sculpt their body and challenge their mind through the testing yet enjoyable work-outs. Treat your muscles post-workout by relaxing in the steam room and sauna, and ensure you replenish nutrients with a revitalising drink from Joe & The Juice located in the club lounge before departure.

Quintessentially Elite Members are exclusively entitled to have the joining fee waived at BXR and Quintessentially Dedicated Members will receive 50% off the joining fee. Contact your Lifestyle Manager to join today.

Interested in becoming a Quintessentially Member? Request more information

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