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Words by Chanelle Ho

24 December 2021


Welcome 2022 feeling refreshed and rejuvenated with these self-care tips.

Much like our skincare and wardrobes need a seasonal change, our wellness journey can adapt to fit the seasons too. For most of us, December is a busy month of indulgence and socialising: festivities throughout the month until the New Year, spending lots of time with family for the holidays (in all its stress and glory), plenty of food, cocktails and mulled wine. It's easy to let the days run away with us and start to slow down for the new year. So if you're feeling burnt out and overwhelmed around this time of year, you're not alone. For some guidance on self-care as we enter 2022, read on for some of our tips for a brighter mind and body.

Give into loungewear

Take a break from cocktail dresses, suits and heels and give into your favourite loungewear pieces. The holiday season brings in late nights and festivities, but it's essential to feel comfortable and take time to relax. We love Olivia Von Halle's latest (and super-luxe) drop, the Coco Tybalt Silk Velvet Pyjama Set that's embellished with Swarovski crystal buttons and delicate embroidery, and for something to seriously lounge around in, SKIMS' Cozy range would not go amiss.

Indulge in a bath time ritual

Melt your troubles away by soaking in a hot tub. Create a relaxing concoction by layering products for the perfect soak. Start with detoxing bath salts that recover the body – the Senteurs d'Orient Jasmine of Arabia Mediterranean Bath Salts are infused with essential oils and minerals, packaged in a sleek ceramic box. If your skin is feeling particularly dry, add a bath oil or milk to soften and repair the skin, such as ESPA's Restful Bath Milk that combines rich botanical lipids to nourish the skin, with calming aromas such as clary sage and lavender.

Take care from the inside out

If you've overindulged on Christmas dinners, mince pies and mulled wine, look no further than kaü' LIFE, the ultimate functionality and medical-grade supplement and the world's first 20/20 amino acids power that in its purest form. Transform your morning smoothie into a fountain of youth with this body-boosting blend that aids hormone balance, strengthens the immunity system, increases focus and promotes a luminous skin complexion.

Improve your home space

Create a sanctuary in your home by adding home scents and consider 'fragrance zoning' to enhance your mood in each room. Bedrooms and bathrooms should be lit with relaxing scents – 7 Over 7 takes candles to a new level by creating a scent for each chakra, perfect for accommodating meditation. Energise and focus in the study with Acqua di Parma's Aperitivo in Terrazza that's infused with essential oils from sparkling citruses (plus, their distinctive sunshine yellow vessel immediately sparks the brain). For living areas, try warm and inviting notes of sandalwood, cedarwood or amber, found in Elm Rd's Chalet Artisan Candle.

Upgrade your sleep routine

A good night's sleep really is the simple secret to healthy skin and body function. For night owls and insomniacs, improve sleep quality by adding smart solutions to your eight hours. The Sleep.8 S8 Eye Massager Power Eyes is a god-send for strained eyes and promotes deep relaxation with the compression massage that improves blood circulation around the eyes and sinuses. And the latest innovation in sleep science comes from bedding experts Mela, who have introduced their Clean Silver range that uses real silver to repel blemish-causing bacteria.

A massage a day

There are plenty of benefits to massages – from improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage to feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Secret Spa, one of the UK's leading mobile beauty and wellness services, reported a 125% increase in massage bookings compared to last year. In between your spa treatments, incorporate facial and body massage to your skincare regimes. Nurse Jamie's Uplift Body Massage Beauty Roller combines the rolling action with soothing vibrations and tourmaline quartz stones to tighten and firm the skin. At the same time, Lanshin's Pro Gua Sha Tool is handmade with dark-green nephrite and shaped for swift movement for the ultimate facial massage.

Embrace Mother Nature

Being outside in nature does terrific things for our mental health – and if wild swimming or surfing doesn't take your fancy, a simple walking meditation will do the trick. 'Mindfully walking around outside, whether it's your garden, local park or hiking trail can prevent the mind from being distracted from stressful thoughts by allowing you to focus on the rhythm of the gait, just like a sitting meditation can enable you to focus on the breath,' says Jolawn Victor, Chief International Officer at Headspace.

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