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New spa treatments in London

Words by Georgie Young

09 April 2024


The UK capital is entering its holistic health era – here's where to biohack your brainwaves, map your microbiome, and live your lucid dreams.

You might wonder why this story is being published in April when January is clearly the optimal time to jump on the global wellness wagon. But this is not a story about temporary diet changes or month-long ‘get fit quick’ hacks. This is about the next chapter of London’s wellness scene – which is all about lifelong health.

Over the last few years, holistic health hubs not unlike those found in Switzerland or Austria have arrived in the UK capital. Going beyond the typical steam-and-sauna combo, these spaces blend science and epigenetics with spiritual practices and traditional therapies – with the idea being to effect real and lasting health changes.

Wondering where to try it? We've detailed five of our favourite new or upcoming wellness spaces in the capital – step this way to map your microbiome, biohack your brainwaves, and perfect your lucid dreaming.


Turns out, heaven is a place on earth – specifically, a place on Knightsbridge next to The Berkeley. From the second you step inside and hear the gentle chirrup of rainforest sounds, you feel instantly soothed – which is entirely deliberate. The design is inspired by the Japanese art of shinrin-yoku (forest bathing), meaning every line is curved, every light is dappled, and even the air is infused with immunity-boosting phytoncides.

57-63 Knightsbridge, SW1X 7BF

Its ethos is centred around ‘conscious wellbeing’, so you’ll take charge of your health with the help of The HVN’s therapists, medical practitioners, and treatments (which range from ancient treatments to cutting-edge hardware). You could drop by for laser resurfacing, oxygen therapy, posture classes, Botox, genetic testing… You get the idea.

Treatment to try: a HydroBed ritual

Whilst lying on a warm water mattress (the only one of its kind in the UK), you’ll experience a deep sense of rest by way of Ayurvedic massages, exfoliation, and hammam – all without moving a muscle.


It’s a members-only spa by Maybourne, so you know it’s going to be good. And then you read about its world-first Longevity Clinic, and you realise it’s going to be epic. Created in partnership with tech giants Virtusan and backed by a board of scientific advisors, SURRENE offers the latest evidence-based methodologies and neuroscience-backed diagnostics – whether a medical-grade facial or an adaptogenic deep-tissue massage.

Old Barrack Yard, SW1X 7NP

But, of course, that’s not all. The spa itself is a four-floor space spanning almost 2,000 square metres, including a 22-metre pool (fitted with speakers for in-water meditations), the first Tracy Anderson Studio outside of America (complete with a bouncing floor), and a longevity room offering the full suite of diagnostics, microbiome mapping, and epigenetic testing.

Treatment to try: STELLA by Stella McCartney facial

In a UK-first partnership, SURRENE has teamed up with Stella McCartney’s skincare line to create a 60-minute, sustainable treatment that incorporates facial massage, lymphatic drainage, and deep tissue techniques. Fine lines, be gone.


‘Our home is your home,’ says the Greek power couple behind Galen – a new six-star destination for progressive wellness in the heart of the Harley Street district. Here, you feel healthier for simply stepping through its doors (which might, in fact, become a self-fulfilling prophecy after winding up the five flights of stairs that spiral grandiosely around a 125ft crystal chandelier).

9 Queen Anne St, W1G 9HW

But its authentically holistic ethos that draws on Galenic philosophies is what makes it stand out. Whilst you can find everything from aesthetics to orthopaedics on the treatment menu, Galen’s doctors always adopt a diagnostic approach. So, you can expect personalised treatment plans designed to supercharge your overall biological potential.

Treatment to try: the nutrigenomic test

A comprehensive breakdown of your genetic makeup, all determined by a simple saliva swab. You’ll also receive actionable advice on improving your life-long health in the consultation that follows with Dr Nathan Curran (one of the world’s best anti-aging doctors).

The Spa at Mandarin Oriental Mayfair

The best thing about a second Mandarin Oriental opening this spring? The arrival of a second Mandarin Oriental spa. Unsurprisingly given its location, The Spa 2.0 has taken its design cues from Mayfair – like the Ming marble entrance, which is inspired Hanover Square’s greenery. And like many of its neighbours, it’s a subterranean space fitted with all the expected luxury facilities (25m pool, sauna, steam rooms, etc.).

66 Knightsbridge, SW1X 7LA

But what sets it apart is its biohacking treatments – the likes of which have never appeared in London’s wellness scene. The pioneering sessions last for just 22 minutes and combine therapist-led practices with dynamic sounds that sync with your brain waves and induce a deep, meditative state.

Treatment to try: the Tranquility of Mayfair massage

This relaxing ritual is designed to melt away any stresses induced by the postcode above, using a mix of innovative practices and soothing techniques.

Room to Dream at Kimpton Fitzroy London

By now, we all know that sleep tourism is a thing (and if you’ve never heard of it, our roundup of the world’s best sleep retreats is a good starting point). But dream tourism? That’s something new – and it’s offered at Kimpton Fitzroy London. The ‘Room to Dream’ experience is geared around helping guests lucid dream with the help of mugwort tonic, a VR headset, and lavender-scented pillow spray.

1-8 Russell Sq, WC1B 5BE

You check in to the Gothically-designed hotel, strap on your headset and watch some preparatory visualisations, then record your dreams in the provided journal, which an AI artist will transform into an artwork for you to take home. It’s all the work of Charlie Morley, a lucid dream teacher and author who helps people harness the power of sleep for psychological growth.

Treatment to try: Room to Dream

Only available as an add-on to existing bookings, you can add the Room to Dream package to any Kimpton Fitzroy London room or suite for just £50. Dreamy.

Imagine breezing into one of the world’s most exclusive spas for a complimentary treatment. Or sitting down for a consultation with industry-leading practitioners and experts. You’ll feel your best inside and out with a Quintessentially membership – find out more here.

Words by
Words by

Georgie Young

As our Digital Editor, Georgie writes about all types of luxury – whether that’s deep dives into London restaurant trends, interviews with famous faces, or travelogues from all over the world.

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