Maximising The Year Of The Ox With Feng Shui Master Wong

Words by Master Wong, translated by Josephine Law

26 January 2021


Feng Shui Master Wong guides us through the coming Year of the Ox, and what that means for us in the stars.

Feng Shui Master Wong shares insights with us for the year of the Ox, beginning on 3rd February. Marking the end of the year of the Rat and the beginning of Spring, the chi of the Ox will begin. Master Wong talks us through what this means, explaining each elements' orientation and direction as traditionally calculated by the Nine Halls diagram and measured from a Luo Geng (Feng Shui compass).

The year of the Rat, 2020, was challenging for everyone. With the hope of the new year brings prosperity and health, and the No.6-star flies to the middle of the Nine Halls diagram to wield powerful and strong heaven energy. North West and West are the luckiest directions coming year, so houses facing these directions will benefit the most – to find your house's direction, stand in the middle of the room facing the door with a compass.

Prosperity and wealth

For those with front and bedroom doors facing West, you are in luck for the coming year of Ox! The powerful Wealth Star flies into the West, and it will bring good, luck, money, and wealth. In Chinese culture, the number eight is believed to represent money – which is correct! To enhance the Wealth Star's Earth energy, make sure you keep the room nice and bright. Should your bedside direction face West or North-West, you may also place a glass of water to enhance the energy.

The Prosperity Star resides in the North-East direction. This star's intrinsic element is fire which can be both good and bad. As the fire element enhances Earth's energy, it will bring success and good fortune.


It is known that the number four is related to bad luck as it sounds a lot like 'death' in Chinese. Contrary to Feng Shui, the No.4-Romance star has nothing pertaining to bad luck or death. This star resides in the East and North-East, which enhances the chance of marriage and romantic relationships. For those looking to improve their luck in romance or encourage their love to blossom, you can put nine red roses in the East corner.


In 2021, the Illness star will fall in the North direction, which will cause a lot of problems relating to gastrointestinal and gynaecological health. Furthermore, the South-East will also be influenced by the Yellow Misfortune Star, which connects with longterm, severe sickness. House and bedroom doors facing North or South-East will need to take great care to avoid health problems brought on by these stars.

Fortunately, the illness and Yellow Misfortune Star, combining with Earth energy, can be disintegrated by metal energy. You may place a light grey carpet outside the front door and hang a copper bell on the door. Try to avoid using red and orange coloured decorations nearby.

Career and academics

The White Star flies to the South this coming year, bringing good luck and fortune. Most good experiences will focus on academic and competitive activities. If your children are still at school, nurturing the Scholarly Star in the East will help with their academic pursuits. Should your main door or bedroom door face the South, you can put four Wenchang bamboos to boost the White star's water energy. For doors facing the East, you can place a glass of water near the entrance to increase your popularity.

Legal affairs

The Hostile Star attracts threatening hostility, lousy luck, and lawsuits, and it resides in the South-West direction coming year. This star is also associated with arguments and anger. The best cure for this is to avoid using that particular door or space. Sidestep placing anything that moves, for example, fish tanks, electric fans, and air conditioners. To suppress the negative energy, put some red objects in the South-West direction – for example, a red painting or a bowl of red apples.

Bear in mind, all the above are concluded on the stars' general behaviours. A more personal and accurate Feng Shui calculation should act in concert with their building occupation date and their birthdate.

To arrange your own Feng Shui consult, please contact your lifestyle manager.

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