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London Juice Cleanses

Words by Keven Amfo

14 January 2021


Ever popular for a quick detox, juice cleanse providers are now ubiquitous across the capital – discover some here.

Juice cleanse devotees sing numerous praises of the results a three, five, or seven-day liquid diet might bring. The juice cleanse almost seems like a miracle worker with proclaimed benefits ranging from reducing bloating to clearing skin to increasing energy and mental clarity. Not to be taken lightly, though – extended abstinence from food is not for the faint of heart – we decided to look into some of the options in the capital.

One of the most ubiquitous options (their juices are stocked at many retailers), Press, offers many experienced and novice cleansers options. Thoughtfully planned with a specific benefit in mind; these cleanses are great for first-time cleansers as they're easy to follow and include enough juices to keep you full. They offer three soup cleanses that could be a good entryway into the world of cleansing too, making it easier – as they say – to 'take a few small steps towards a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.'

Presscription, a popular delivery service, has three levels of cleanses and a new soup-based programme. Developed by a nutritionist, these cleanses consist of six juices and two boosters per day; the menu varies depending on the level. The juice is packaged in glass and is raw and cold-pressed to reap maximum benefits from the fruit and vegetables included. While other programmes tend to advertise the weight loss benefits that accompany a cleanse, Presscription doesn't publish the calories per juice or promote their cleanses for that purpose. 'Please don't think of our cleanse programs as a weight reduction diet; we want to get you out of that mentality and into an understanding that our drinks, including our fresh-pressed vegetable and fruit juices, give you increased water intake, soulful energy and optimal nourishment,' says their site.

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If weight loss is your primary goal, Rehab LDN touts the shedding of a few pounds as one of their cleanses' direct benefits. They have four options, with a more restricted number of four or five juices per day. Uniquely, a bag of bath salts is included with each order – they recommend using them nightly to intensify the detoxification process.

Healthfood and supplement manufacturer, Nutriseed, has ventured into the cleanse market as well. Their juices contain 80% vegetables and 20% fruit to keep sugar content low, and each cleanse has been specially formulated to incorporate 95% of daily recommended vitamins and minerals. Their cleanses range between three and ten days in length, and include five juices per day. One of them, Neon, includes cinnamon and a probiotic to aid with gut health, and the benefits of the others are also thoughtfully considered when formulated.

New to the cleansing market, Think Press offers one to seven-day cleanses accompanied by support and a detailed plan. The juices are raw and organic, and the cleanses are organised by benefit. Even the Lighten Cleanse, touted as the lowest calorie option to incite weight loss includes a Cacao Cashew juice – basically chocolate mylk, and very delicious – as a treat. Each method contains five juices per day, along with a detailed guide. The team are on-hand for questions and concerns as they might arise.

Established in 2006, Raw & Juicy is one of the UK's longest-standing providers of cleanses. Hands-on support and add-ons such as tea, soup and boosters make their options feel personalised and bespoke. Additionally, their cleanses have been formulated to support specific health initiatives such as hormone or pH balance or restoring the body's alkalinity. Ingredients like dandelion and black pepper enhance flavour and expedite the cleansing process, and a selection of supplements serve to further the efficacy of the chosen programme. Charcoal water, included as well, enhances the elimination aspect of the cleanse.

For more information or to order a cleanse, please contact your lifestyle manager. Cleansing is not recommended for those pregnant or breastfeeding, and if you have health concerns, please contact your doctor.

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