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glow&dry | The First Luxury Styling Concierge in the UK

01 July 2020

glow&dry is the first luxury styling concierge in the UK specialising in hair, beauty and fashion. Founded by Scarlett Gray, Luxury Lifestyle & Events Expert and ex-account manager of Quintessentially, glow&dry was launched in January 2017 and has since been featured in Forbes, Tatler, Harper's Bazaar and Glamour. Armed with a black book of elite celebrity and industry experts which have been handpicked and vetted, Scarlett is the core of the company showcasing years of experience.

Working on an elite concierge model, glow&dry offers bespoke memberships tailored to your individual needs, with a dedicated account director available to you 24/7 on demand, globally.

"When traveling, working and attending exclusive events, it's tough to always look your best. glow&dry is a vetted and recognised go to company that provides mobile beauty, hair and fashion "pit stop" services on demand worldwide. It was created as answer for those who were tired of booking faceless online services offering fixed costs, no assurance of quality and lacking the personal, bespoke experience. It is here to change the mobile styling industry for good and provide luxury services available to everyone" - Scarlett Gray, Founder.

glow&dry also offers a exclusive luxury travel service, ensuring members not only travel in style, with glow&dry dedicated travel partnering with Private Jet & Yacht Charters, their stylists are available to them worldwide. Each stylist from the glow&dry team is available to be by your side from London to LA & San Tropez.

We sat down with Founder Scarlett to find out more.

Why did you start glow&dry?
I came up with the concept when I was attending the Monaco Formula One. We were staying in Monaco on the yachts, working all day and all night without breaks or time to go to the salon. I looked great on day one, but as the days went on it became harder and harder to look great 24/7 - which is essential for the job. One night a group of us were chatting as all we wanted was to book someone to do our hair & makeup; we were exhausted and although glamorous, yachts are not designed for women to do their own makeup. We couldn't understand why there wasn't a company available to come on board with stylists offering this, and so with that glow&dry was born.

Tell me about the process of building a business, especially as a first-time CEO?
glow&dry is forever growing so it was launched and setup at the same time which was tough but that is what startup companies are all about. I have learnt so much about what clients want, what is expected and the standard of service that has to be offered if you want to be luxury so it has been a great learning experience.

Why are you different from any other mobile beauty & hair service?
We are 100% personal, when you become a glow&dry member you are allocated an account director who is available to you 24/7 anywhere in the world, and as a VIP member I am that person. I believe that the only way to ensure your customers get exactly what they want is by speaking to them direct and tailoring appointments exactly to them, whether that be about the products used or stylists experience and personality. It really is 100% bespoke and personalised. You will know exactly who and what you are getting within minutes of phoning.

What does your travel service include?
Anything that the client wants. If you want someone to select you amazing dress for your event with our personal stylists, pick up the dress with our personal shoppers, then you want a stylist with you everyday to do your hair and makeup - we will send you our portfolio of stylists to choose from based on your exact needs. This is what glow&dry is about, it's about catering to our clients needs no matter what the request, time of day or location.

What is available exclusively to our Q clients?
glow&dry's portfolio provides clients with three dedicated levels of stylists: Luxury, Elite & VIP. Luxury styling sessions are available to book on demand, whilst Elite & VIP styling sessions are exclusive to the glow&dry membership concierge service.

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