Experiences to Remember

Words by Nathalie Bradbury

29 June 2020

What do you buy the person who has it all, or whose tastes defy convention? Perhaps a wise choice would be to opt for a unique experience to feed the soul? At Quintessentially, we have a team of experts who spend their days curating experiences that help our members create meaningful memories.

Quintessentially’s Senior Events & Experiences Manager Charlotte Evans scours the globe looking for extraordinary experience ideas. Charlotte says, “We always try to think outside the box, to give people the opportunity to fulfil their lifelong ambitions, however outlandish they might seem. We can go big, or keep things more intimate. It might be all about fun and thrills, or an idea may be more aligned to nurturing expertise, community or the environment.” Here are some original concepts that you can tweak and personalise. So, ignite your imagination and let the experiences commence!

01 Dubai

Defy gravity in a bespoke suit
Would you swap your first-class seat, or your Uber ride for a jetpack-inspired personal aviation device? British inventor Richard Browning has tempted us over the past 2 years with his innovative invention: a bodysuit known as the Gravity Flight Suit, which enables its wearer to fly over short distances.

The body-controlled jet engine-powered suit is a light exoskeleton fixed to six gas turbines that are mounted on each arm and behind the back. In November 2017, Richard – a former city oil trader - entered the Guinness Book of World Records for achieving 32.02 miles per hour when airborne. Since then, Browning's start-up, Gravity Industries, has been steadily fine-tuning and improving the suit, adding a heads-up display and a holographic lens to monitor fuel levels. Now you too can taste the action, albeit under controlled and secure conditions, thanks to Quintessentially. You or a friend could step into the Gravity Suit under the watchful eye of experts, to try your hand at a little flying action in the British countryside.

02 Peru

Hike and sleep in the wilds of Peru
If you’ve a head for heights, this experience in a crystalline pod will be your idea of a great vacation, but it’s accessible only after climbing more than 400 metres of rock face, or hiking along a challenging trail along which features a zip-line network. After completing the hike or climb, the adventurer gets to enjoy the views of the valley below and a well-earned rest under a starlit sky.

03 Hot Air Ballon 1

Hot air balloon ride at sunrise in Bagan, Myanmar
Bagan in central Burma is one of the world's greatest archeological sites. The best spot for a perfect view of sunrise over Bagan is from a hot air balloon, as day breaks over the thousands of Buddhist temples rising from palms and tamarind. People travel the world over for a glimpse of this arresting spectacle, and with many of the temples now off-limits to tourists for conservation purposes, a hot air balloon is surely the finest way to experience this most spiritual of places.


Fly over the Himalayas
If ever there was the chance to feel on top of the world, it’s either scaling or flying over Mount Everest. If you’ve the appetite for scenery at extreme altitude, why not take a one-hour scenic flight from Kathmandu, aboard an 18-seater plane, and soak up the spectacular views.

If you’d like to be part of these and many other kinds of experiences, or to create a bespoke gift experience for a fellow free spirit, please contact our specialist team at: experiences@quintessentially.com

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