Bamford Haybarn Spa at The Berkeley

01 July 2020

A calming haven of whitewashed wood and downy waffle linens, Bamford Haybarn Spa at the Berkeley is the most enchanting escape from the city.

The colour palette works to calm the soul with an effective blend of mauve, green tea and bamboo bringing Haybarn's organic aesthetic to the city. Travel through the Berkeley London to the seventh floor spa, where shaded sun-loungers surround a small rooftop pool and a dainty herb garden overflowing with lavender, rosemary and fig trees, provides an enchanting escape.

There's a delightful theme of nature that runs throughout along with the delicate scent of jasmine, geranium, lavender and peppermint, and despite being outside, the silence is complete. You would never know that on the streets below, city life carries on as normal.

Facilities besides the pool include a separate sauna and steam room in each changing room. The staff are attentive but surprisingly discreet, mysteriously appearing when you need them, delivering fresh ginger tea as they do. The pool is one of the few roof top pools in London and benefits from a handy retractable roof. The views are spectacular over Hyde Park and neighbouring Knightsbridge and though we visited on a cloudy day, we are certain that on a sunny day, the pool would be our chosen hideaway for sunbathing.

There is an adjacent outdoor courtyard, sheltered from the London weather, where we wrapped up in our dressing gowns, feeling like we could have been staying at a luxury Swiss ski lodge. The use of mobile phones around the pool and spa is not encouraged, which means that rather refreshingly, people choose to read, nap or, simply take in the surroundings.

All of Bamford Haybarn's products are homemade in the Cotswolds, harnessing the beneficial effects of natural ingredients and materials.


The 80-minute Bamford Body Signature Treatment

A head-to-toe massage that starts with a relaxing foot-bath.

The combination of soft orange lighting and the bewitching smell encourage deep breaths and drowsy eyes. We were given the choice of three delicious oils based on the smell and how each made us feel and we chose the Bamford signature scent mentioned earlier. The 80 minutes flew by and included a gentle foot scrub and a deeply relaxing body and scalp massage. We left feeling relaxed, toned and floating on a cloud.

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