2022 summer camp recommendations

Words by Quintessentially Education

05 February 2022


Make the most of the summer season with these choice recommendations from our in-house education experts.

As 2022 is now in full swing, and as we start to look ahead to those long-elusive summer months, both parents and students will be looking for ways in which they can fill the school holidays and keep entertained this summer. For those older students looking to explore their university aspirations, they might also be thinking about how they can use this time-off wisely so that they are best prepared come application season.

Interest in summer camps has continually increased in recent years, no doubt off the back of the resounding popularity in the US, where campers have flocked from all over the world for decades. Whilst the pandemic has caused cancellations and virtual alternatives to become the norm, camp providers remain cautiously optimistic that this year will be different and that these long-awaited camps will return for in-person experiences.

In this guide, you will find Quintessentially Education's carefully selected recommendations for some exciting summer camps, available across the UK and the US, respectively. From Oxbridge and Ivy League preparation courses for those in their late teens to multi-activity camps for the younger ones, these hand-selected camps and summer schools aim to inspire a wide range of students, no matter the situation. There is something for everyone – read on to see for yourselves!

Multi-Activity Camps

Summer camps for school-aged children offer a fantastic opportunity for parents and students looking to fill the summer holidays with fun and exciting activities. It's a great way of keeping their minds active in preparation for the next school year while making sure they're having fun at the same time. It also helps children build confidence, gain independence and learn new skills. And with a lot of camps having a schedule focused on outdoor activities and getting back into nature, it can be a great way to keep kids after a year spent indoors in the classroom (or on Zoom!).


Wiltshire & London; Ages 3 – 17; Residential and Day; July & August 2022

Greater London; Ages 3 – 16; Residential and Day; June, July & August 2022

Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire & Kent; Ages 8-14; Residential; July & August 2022

Yorkshire, Oxford, Cambridge, Brighton & Annecy; Ages 8 – 21; Residential & Day; June, July & August 2022

Sommerset; Ages 8-15; Residential and Day; 10th July – 20th August 2022


New York & Massachusetts; Grades 4 – 12; Residential & Day; June, July & August 2022

28 States Around USA; Ages 7 – 19; Residential; June, July & August 2022

Across the UK; Ages 16 +; Residential; All Year Round

Massachusetts; Ages Grade 7 upwards; Residential & Day; 30th June – 2nd August 2022

New York; Ages 10 – 18; Residential; June – August 2022

Pre-University Summer Camps

If you are an enthusiastic and motivated student between the ages of 14-17 years old, you may want to consider enrolling on a pre-university summer program. A number of the top universities offer these programs, offering students a chance to fill their summer with new experiences and build relevant academic knowledge for when it comes to personal statement writing and applying to university. These programs can offer a real insight into what it is like to study as an undergraduate at university. Academic classes are offered in the subject of your choice, alongside university preparation workshops and a complete programme of social activities, providing students with a unique and exciting opportunity.


Cambridge, Ages 16 – 18; Residential; 10th July – 6th August 2022

London; Ages 13 – 18; Residential; June, July & August 2022

London; Ages 16 – 18; Residential; 4th – 15th July; 18th – 29th July 2022

London; Ages 16 – 18; Residential; Dates TBC

Warwick; Ages 15 – 17; Residential; Dates 5 – 15 July 2022


Rhode Island; Grades 9 –12; Residential; June, July & August 2022

New York City; Ages 14 – 18; Residential; 10th July – 6th August 2022

Boston, Ages 15 – 18; Residential; June, July, August 2022

Philadelphia, Grades 9 – 11; Residential & Day; June, July & August 2022

California; Ages 16 – 17; Residential & Day; June, July & August 2022

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