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Welcome to the new Quintessentially Referral Program! As a thank you for your continued loyalty, we would like to offer you an incentive for every referral you make to us.

Upon successful referral, you receive a credit of AED 2,000 towards your membership renewal. In addition, referees will receive a 13-month membership and no Joining Fee.

Get started now in 2 simple steps.

Step 1 - Start by sharing your referral invitation with your friends, family, and colleagues (via email or WhatsApp).

Step 2 - Our Membership team will notify you when someone you have referred places an enquiry. After the referee joins, you'll receive renewal credit.

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    “I’d like to recommend Quintessentially membership to you (, the renowned global concierge.

    As a member, you’re assigned a Lifestyle Manager who manages your personal affairs 24/7/365 for anything and everywhere - they can work directly with you or act as an extension of your team, giving them access to knowledge and contacts and taking tasks off their plate.

    They’ll safely plan your travel (with discounts and room upgrades), charters, dining, entertainment, wellness, tickets, sports, family activities, errands, shopping, research, appointments, hiring domestic staff, party planning, finding the most desired items, and so much more.

    For an informal discussion about what they can do for you, click here.

    As a result of my invitation, you’ll get AED 2,000 off your membership fee plus no Joining Fee. Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do!”


If you have any queries or need further assistance contact our Customer service.

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