When Bathroom Becomes Spa

Words by Keven Amfo

18 June 2020

Luxury has taken on a new meaning during this crisis, and comfort at home has entirely new importance. Whereas before, home may have been a place of respite amongst a busy life, it is now where that whole busy life takes place. Because of this, it's increasingly essential to carve out quiet sanctuaries within your space where you're able to relax and escape.

The bathroom is a great place to begin. Creating a clean, spa-like retreat will motivate you to take better care of yourself—and to enjoy it.

Amazing towels

A luxuriously fluffy, oversized white terry cloth towel is an indulgence at any time, but now, it is truly transportive. We're partial to these Italian-made Frette towels, which are basically what we imagine a cloud to be. Alternatively, these waffle towels are crafted in organic cotton and feel quite similar to the towels you'd find in an actual spa. They dry quickly, too.

A face mask

Whatever your bathing ritual may be, shower or bath, the addition of a face mask will transform the experience into something a bit more special. The simple act of putting on a mask in itself is regenerative, and those extra couple minutes of caring for yourself go a long way. For both men and women, applying a face mask two or three times a week can make your bathroom feel very spa-like.

This clay mask is a longtime favourite, purifying and lovely for all skin types, and the 111 SKIN sheet masks from Harley Street's Dr Alexandrides give instant results and are perfect for wearing during a leisurely bath.

An air-purifying plant

Choose a humidity-loving plant to brighten your bathroom—and purify the air while it's there. Ferns are a common choice as they really thrive amongst typical bathroom conditions, and the ever-popular monstera plant is another beautiful option as it is durable in humid environments (it does prefer light, however).

Bath oil

The quickest way to elevate your bath is to add some oil. Skin softening and often with therapeuitc properties, the addition of a quality oil means instant relaxation. Susanne Kaufmann's all-natural bath oils are beautifully packaged with the herbs visible through the glass bottle, meaning they look just as beautiful on the shelf as they'll feel in the tub. Each of the essential oils has a purpose, whether relaxation or aphrodisiacal, so myriad benefits are sure to be reaped.

A great candle

There's a good chance you may already have a candle in your bathroom, and have already experienced its uplifting benefits whilst you bathe or simply get ready. The soothing qualities of a candle are unparalleled and crucial for your spa experience—Diptyque's Baies scent is a classic, and universally appealing, while Byredo offers a beautiful interpretation of classic rose.

For help acquiring any of the above products, or for more suggestions, please reach out to your lifestyle manager.

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