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1.Can education consultancies guarantee admissions to a particular school or university?

We cannot guarantee entry into a particular school or university. We provide personalised support to families and students throughout the entire process, and in the most recent application cycle, over 90% of our students achieved their predicted outcomes. Explore our Education Roadmap to learn about our step-by-step preparation process and the comprehensive support we provide.

2.Who are your consultants?

Our experienced team is made up of an impressive array of well-qualified and carefully selected individuals who have personal and professional experiences within the world of education, including head teachers, professors, lecturers, school inspectors, policy writers, and more.

3.Do you operate outside of the UK?

Yes. We are aligned with the global footprint of the Quintessentially Group, and work with students from all around the world. We specialise in supporting candidates applying to UK or US universities and UK schools, and are proud to have helped students from over 65 countries (and counting).

4.When should I speak with an education consultant?

Parents often seek guidance if they have a pending natural education transition, are new to a particular education system, require support reaching a specific educational goal, or have a challenging situation and need independent professional guidance from outside the student's current school. We invite you to join us in our quest to Explore, Prepare and Succeed – contact our team to learn how an education consultant can help you and your family.

5.Can you assist with last minute support?

Yes. We can provide solutions to short-term education-related emergencies. Whether it’s changing schools, UCAS Clearing support, or last-minute tutoring ahead of an exam, we are here to help.

6.Do you only provide services to Quintessentially members?

Our bespoke education services are available to all – both Quintessentially members and non-members.

7.Do you have formal affiliations or partnerships with any schools or universities?

We are proudly independent and do not affiliate with specific schools or universities. We work on behalf of our students, not on behalf of any particular institution, enabling a truly unbiased and professional service.

8.Can your tutors prepare students for the ISEB Pre-Test and Common Entrance exams?

Yes. Our schools' consultants and exam entrance specialist tutors have extensive knowledge and expertise in UK school assessments. To read our simplified guide on how best to prepare for the ISEB pre-test, click here.

9.How do you select tutors?

The quality, experience, and integrity of our tutors is of the utmost importance to us. Each tutor is personally interviewed by a senior member of our team and is subject to an Enhanced DBS and reference check. If you are interested in becoming a tutor with Quintessentially Education, read our Tutor Information Pack to learn more about how we operate.

10.Do you support students with SEND?

Yes. Our SEND consultants work in partnership with education psychologists to offer impartial and confidential support to help families navigate individualised learning needs. For further information about our specialist consultancy services, click here.

11.Do you offer independent assessments?

We provide independent assessments for students aged 6–16 that consider academic potential as well as acquired knowledge in core subjects. Developed in conjunction with Atom Learning, we help parents and children identify learning gaps and monitor academic progress.

12.Do your tutors teach all subjects?

Yes. We take immense pride in our ever-expanding network of first-rate tutors who cover an extensive range of subjects and specialisms. Let our tutors help you and your family reach your educational goals – contact our team to learn how.

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If there is anything that you would like to discuss with our team, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are always happy to take the time to discuss your needs by email or fill out a form and we will come back to you as soon as possible.

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