Xynteo: The Performance Theatre

The Challenge:

This is an annual meeting of global thinkers, influencers and doers, including high-profile attendees such as the ex-President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, and the Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore. The challenge with a group like this is that they’ve seen so much and are well-versed in luxury experiences; we wanted to make them think differently and explore ways to see things from other people's perspectives as they can influence real change. The theme was ‘showcasing invisible realities’ – because nothing is predictable.

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Our Solution:

We curated two days of experiences that utilised unusual immersive elements. Each took guests out of their comfort zones by using distorted imagery, soundscapes and a human library.

Other experiences included body percussion lessons from the Singapore Repertory Theatre, immersive acting lessons from Hollywood actress Anna DeVeare Smith, and a secret, intimate back-alley dinner.

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The Highlights:

  • 4 days of curated experiences across four venues
  • 17 years of running the event – and this one received the best feedback
  • 100% of guests engaged during the interactive segments
  • 10K+ organic media impressions generated by the attendees

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