Jaguar Land Rover Ice Academy

A dedicated Quintessentially Experiences team is proud to operate and manage the annual Jaguar Land Rover Ice Academy, a thrilling performance drive academy on the frozen lakes of Sweden's Arctic Circle.

The challenge:

Jaguar Land Rover sought an experienced partner to operate the end-to-end guest management and event logistics for the new season of the globally renowned adventure travel programme. They required their operator to deliver premium and exciting multi-day experiences for a global audience, giving customers the unique opportunity to experience the true capability of JLR vehicles on ice coupled with aspirational lifestyle content and five-star service. The core objective for the operator was to design and deliver a programme that would promote brand loyalty and ultimately turn customers into brand advocates.

Our solution:

With more than 300 guests attending each season, Quintessentially Experiences manage all elements of this programme serviced by a dedicated project team. We host a high-touch booking platform and guest support service, to convert enquiries and curate personalised travel itineraries for a truly bespoke experience.

As the operator, Quintessentially Experiences source all ground suppliers, contracts hotels and transfers, and manages all guest logistics, including international flights and full programme budgeting. We also source a unique menu of aspirational experiences for guests to enjoy in addition to the driving, allowing them to really immerse themselves in the culture of arctic Sweden.

In addition, we leveraged Quintessentially's HNW Insight and data to provide JLR with a better understanding of the global premium adventure travel market. A subsequent global marketing campaign across our owned network drove brand awareness of the Ice Academy (and additional experience opportunities) amongst a highly targeted set of potential prospects.

In numbers:

  • Three-year contract
  • 300+ annual global guests
  • 17 rotations
  • 1000 room nights contracted
  • Five onsite guest management directors
Ground view of a large land filled with snow with a white super sports car and a man walking in opposite direction Ground view of a large land filled with snow with a white super sports car and a man walking in opposite direction

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