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We believe our relationship with our members is of utmost importance. We spend time studying the choices they make, rather than simply jumping into the request.

Our lifestyle management and concierge assistance team works hard to build informal and pleasant relationships with each of their members, engaging with them daily, recommending experiences, dining options, travel destinations and so forth, based on their members’ preferences.

Each lifestyle manager strives to be like extended family to their member, so that the latter can feel free to reach out for trustworthy recommendations and advice.

India is a vast market and every city functions differently, as do our members - from one city and region to another. As a team, we spend time doing an in-depth study of each market, which to helps us to formulate quality partnerships and engage more effectively with our members.

An example is that we have noticed a huge shift in the mindset of our members especially in Tier 1 cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Chennai. They now want to indulge in unique and novel experiences rather than “owning” materialistic products. Therefore, we now focus our energies on sourcing seamless luxury experiences for our members. Some that we have curated include whisky appreciation sessions, closed-door VIP luxury shopping experiences, exclusive dining experiences, and bespoke travel itineraries , to mention a few.

All in all, our greatest pillars are our relationships with partners, suppliers and private and corporate members. Our understanding of the ever-evolving luxury market in India and of the Indian consumer’s mindset helps us to strategise more effectively when devising quality partnership, so that we can seamlessly meet the demands of our members.

I feel that luxury today is not just about owning something, it’s a state of being, a sensory experience. There is a growing appreciation for finding unique and unpredictable experiences which value attention to detail, enhanced customer service and enjoyment. Our vision is to be in the hearts of every time-challenged individual who appreciates one-off experiences, exclusivity and highly personalised lifestyle management and concierge services for a unique membership offering.

Mishti Bose, CEO - Quintessentially India


"I have been using the services of Quintessentially India for almost 2 years and no request has been too big or small; they always deliver. This service has hugely enhanced and improved my efficiency"

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"Our Elite Manager is devoted to helping us, even when on holiday. We really appreciate his efforts and the company’s service ethos. Quintessentially is an integral part of our lives"

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