Five Reasons You Need More Plants At Home

Words by Keven Amfo

24 January 2021


The pros at Patch Plants weigh in with new rationale as to why having plants in our homes – especially now – is of utmost importance.

It’s been long established that plants make a happier home. Adding even just a few plants to your home can have a dramatic effect; they can change how a space looks and how it feels with minimal effort. As we continue to spend much time at home, we are increasingly focused on making that time the best it can be, so here are just a few reasons your next home makeover should be incredibly green.

1. Plants are calming

Many studies have shown that being around nature makes us feel more relaxed. That’s true inside, as well as outside. Green is a colour our brain finds naturally soothing, so bringing a few plants into a room can immediately make it a calmer, and nicer, place to be.

Adding some small, low-maintenance plants to the bedroom ensures you’ll wake up to a calming view. Interspersed throughout the home, the presence of plants will impart an overall sense of peace.

0620 RB Patch Neon Pothos 20 30cm 0663 RT

2. Plants can fit any space

People often think you need a lot of light and a lot of space if you want plants. Neither is true. As long as your room gets some natural light, even just a tiny bit, there’s a plant that can live there. Many plants do well in low light – imagine, when you’re placing a plant, what it’s natural habitat might be. Would it receive direct light or light that is filtered through trees and forest? This can help determine where to place a plant to ensure it remains happy.

If space is an issue, hanging plants are your friend. You don’t need any spare floor space to hang a beautiful vine from the ceiling or bookshelf. Patch recommends their bestselling golden pothos, Rapunzel, pictured above, which will add a tremendous amount of beauty without taking up much space.


3. Plants transform a room

Plants are an effortless way to reinvent a room and give it a completely new feel. Add a few giant palms, and your space instantly has a tropical feel. Or, add a massive plant like Patch’s Reggie, the bird of paradise, above, for a sense of drama.

Also, plants can be used to create a space within a space. Try grouping taller plants around a favourite corner armchair to create a cosy reading corner, or placing large plants around a desk area for greater privacy.

4. Plants provide mindful moments

Especially now, we’re seeking ways to incite relaxation and calm our brains. Caring for plants does just that – most plants are elementary to look after, but the simple act of tending to them gives your mind a chance to unwind. Take 10 minutes once a week to water your plants, or 30 minutes to gently clean their leaves, using the time to be present and forget the outside world (for a while).

0620 RB Patch Fleur 1960 RT

5. Plants add colour and fun

As well as lots of fabulous shades of green, you’ll find plenty of plants in other eye-popping shades. Bringing in plants is an easy way to add colour to a room without getting the paintbrush out or reupholstering furniture.

Patch has several vibrant options – acid yellow-green Pascal, neon pothos, or lipstick red Fleur the anthurium. Have fun with them, group them together… or not. Plants are living decoration and completely portable, rearrange them, add new life to your space, or suit new inspiration.

For more information on Patch or to place an order, please contact your lifestyle manager. Patch’s Plant Doctor, Richard Cheshire, can be reached @patchplants or through their website.

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